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Kurt Cobain 'Rock In A Cop' Miniature Guitar Replica By Axman

When Grunge burst forth from a cold, grey Seattle in the early 1990s to save Rock music, (not to mention the Ozone Layer) from the scourge of Hair Metal, no band led the charge more effectively than Nirvana.

Born Feb 29th 1967 and sadly died by suicide a mere 27 years later on April 5th 1994, Kurt Donald Cobain was guitarist, frontman and chief songwriter of arguably the most influential band since The Beatles.

Nirvana were anything but your run-of-the-mill conventional Rock band and Kurt Cobain was never one for using conventional or standard guitars. Being left handed he never found it easy to find suitable instruments and as a consequence nearly all of his guitars were modified or customised in some way or other.

Each Order Includes:
Handmade Mini Guitar
Mini Guitar Stand
Display Box
Artist Name Plate with 2 Acrylic Stands

Guitar Specification:
Body and Neck: Wood
Detail and finish: Plastic and Metal
Strings: Nylon
Height: 10 inches/25cm approx
Scale: 1:4

This is an unlicensed, handmade miniature replica guitar. It is for display purposes only and cannot be played.

Artist names are used for illustrative purposes only. Some well-known names are used to indicate the style of each guitar. None of the guitars are exact replicas in terms of proportions, sizes, or design.


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Kurt Cobain Miniature Guitar Replica | Rock In A Cop | Nirvana

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