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Johnny Ramone (Ramones) Miniature Guitar Replica


Johnny Ramone - Miniature Guitar

Born October 8th 1948 and died 15th Sept 2004, John William Cummings is known to most of us by his stage name, Johnny Ramone. 

Johnny Ramone was founder member, guitarist and songwriter with New York Punk Rock band The Ramones and would remain a member throughout their entire career, his sound and playing style inspiring a whole generation of bands to follow suit.

Johnny Ramone favoured only one brand of guitar throughout his playing career and that brand was Mosrite. Mosrite were long associated with the 1960's Pop and Rock scene and one of their guitars, The Ventures model, was named after the band who used and helped to popularise it.

The Mosrite Ventures II was the guitar favoured by Johnny Ramone and he is quoted as saying 'I bought Mosrites because they were the cheapest guitars in the store. Now that I've gotten used to them, I like them. I also didn't want a guitar that everyone else was using - I wanted something that could be associated with me '

Johnny's first Ventures II was a blue model that he used between 1974 - 1977 and it soon became extensively battered due to the fact he couldn't afford a case for it and carried it in a trash bag while riding the bus round town.

Johnny Ramone favoured the Mosrite guitars as 'they were light and perfect for playing non-stop barre chords'. Without the Johnny Ramone sound and barre chords there is no doubt that the Rock world would be a much poorer place.

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