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John Lennon (Beatles): Rickenbacker 325 - Miniature Guitar Replica (UK Seller)

John Lennon - 1963 Rickenbacker 325 Jetglo Miniature Guitar

Even if you happen to have just dropped in from a far-off galaxy you will undoubtedly be familiar with The Beatles. In their relatively short career (only 7 years) The Beatles did more to forever change the face of popular music than anyone before or since.

Born on October 9th 1940, John Lennon along with Paul McCartney was one half of the most successful and influential song writing partnership of all time. Never known as a lead guitar player, it was for his uncanny understanding of chords and melody that Lennon was most acknowledged in the guitar world.

In 1960, while he was in Hamburg with The Beatles, John Lennon purchased 'V80'. 'V80' was a very early 1958 Capri Series Rickenbacker 325 and in it's original form it had a splendid 'Brownglo Solid Top' natural honey finish. Although the guitar would go through a multitude of modifications and changes including being refinished in black in 1964, it has come to be known as one of the most important instruments in the history of popular music.

Aside from it's obvious connection to John Lennon, his Rickenbacker 325 was a truly unique instrument in it's own right. If you compare it to other 325 models from 1958 it is clear that it is a bit of an oddball. Not least among it's oddities is the absence of the sound hole that is present on all other 325 models of the same period. Another obvious difference is the presence of 4 control knobs whereas other original 325's had only 2 controls. A flat rather than raised scratch plate is another strange design variation

Debate rages among guitar buffs about the many idiosyncratic features of Lennon's 'V80' Rickenbacker, but it was certainly one of his most loved and used guitars right through his Beatles career and was used to write and record countless classic songs.

After having the guitar in storage for nearly a decade, Lennon brought 'V80' back into the studio in 1980 for the recording of his final album Double Fantasy and used it on quite a few songs. How fitting then that this iconic guitar that was with him at the start of his career would find it's way back into his hands at the end of his life.


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